About Us

Woodenflooring4sa has grown to be a well respected in the industry.


As a brand that you can trust, we believe that style and functionality begin from the floors up and we are passionate about creating lifestyle-matched solutions to your flooring needs. The Woodenflooring4sa team are a family, including our customers, suppliers and most importantly our passionate staff members. We treat one another with respect and appreciation at all times.


  • We provide a world class flooring experience to all our customers.
  • We ensure all our customers make informed decisions when investing in their flooring.
  • We provide unique value beyond the monetary transaction.
  • We work exclusively with world class companies, brands and products, ensuring that we provide the very best to our customers.



At Woodenflooring4sa, we understand that any flooring purchase is a major buying decision, a lifetime investment, as well as a design and lifestyle choice. We understand that the floor on which one lives, works and plays, makes a very real impact and changes how one feels in these spaces.

We are passionate about providing a world class buying experience, and ensuring this experience lasts a lifetime.


The Woodenflooring4sa family talk and act with complete transparency, integrity and honour. We communicate clearly and truthfully to both our colleagues, customers and suppliers regarding all relevant aspects of our business including, (but not limited) to the products we sell and the services we provide.

We strive to communicate openly and effectively at all times, leaving no family member unclear as to what the next step or solution is.

Our Vision

Best Quality Installations and Service you have ever Experienceed, We will take on a challenging task hands down and on the knees to provide you wit h the most Affordable Laminate Flooring Prices on highier end Laminate products so that almost every class can enjoy having the best Laminate Wooden Floor Installed in their homes or offices

We have a Proffesional Wood Flooring & Carpet Installationteam which is well equiped to take on their tasks with a hands on approach.

We are small enough to care !!!